Women deserves something special...

That is beautifully made for them.

We are all different

As a woman I know what it's like to go to the store and not finding exactly the fit and style I'm looking for, just like you. Swimwear is no different! This intimate product is often times mass produce for various reasons... But it seems like they forgot the very reason why we buy them. We all want to look great in those bikinis but if it doesn't fit then it's just another piece of wasted material. I want to give women confidence both in fit and style. All exclusive designs are very limited in production. This way I can stay on top of the quality and making sure that it's sustainable. Every pair is made with women in mind from fit to finish.

Design Knowledge & Experience

Measurements plays a big factor. As you know XS-XL is a vague suggestion of what you should wear... Well that works for t-shirts but not for swimsuits! Spandex is very tricky to sew. I have learned from hands-on experience. I spent 17 years of learning the material and how to manipulate it. I take in consideration body time, skin tones, height and other factors. Also, another thing to consider, is the suit just for a day in a beach, photoshoot or prestigious events? This is where my expertise comes into place. I can recommend a style that will compliment you and your body. I want you to feel great in your customize swimwear.

Recognized Style

UK's no.1 bridal magazine "BRIDES" part of Conde Nast family of Vogue recognized the design I created. This honeymoon bridal swimsuit is great for ladies who wants to celebrate their bows at scenic beaches. Traditional wedding gowns are classy this style adds a little bit of twist to that. That is how unique this brand is. The ability to create something beautiful for women. With a plenty of options for different occasions.

Creations on the Runway

It's good to see women parading their very own custom made swimwear. Austin Fashion Week is a reputable fashion event where designers gets to showcase their work. I was fortunate to be part of this. Coming from a very humble beginnings, I understand dedication and hard work and to never give up on your dreams whatever it may be. So far I have custom made over 2000 pairs of handmade swimwear. I hope that one day you'll enjoy your very own IYO DESIGNS.

For Exclusive Designs